Sterling Silver .925 3mm to 12mm Closed Jump Rings in 22Ga.+ 20.5Ga+19.5Ga+18Ga

$9.9 $5.59

3mmC 22Ga.ID1.8mm 20Pc 3mmC 22Ga.ID1.8mm 50Pc 3mmC 22Ga.ID1.8mm 100Pc 4mmC 22Ga.ID2.7mm 20Pc 4mmC 22Ga.ID2.7mm 50Pc 4mmC 22Ga.ID2.7mm 100Pc 5mmC 22Ga.ID3.7mm 20Pc 5mmC 22Ga.ID3.7mm 50Pc 5mmC 22Ga.ID3.7mm 100Pc 6mmC 22Ga.ID4.8mm 20Pc 6mmC 22Ga.ID4.8mm 50Pc 6mmC 22Ga.ID4.8mm 100Pc 3.3mmC 20.5Ga.ID1.8mm 10Pc 3.3mmC 20.5Ga.ID1.8mm 20Pc 3.3mmC 20.5Ga.ID1.8mm 50Pc 3.3mmC 20.5Ga.ID1.8mm 100Pc 4mmC 20.5Ga.ID2.5mm 10Pc 4mmC 20.5Ga.ID2.5mm 20Pc 4mmC 20.5Ga.ID2.5mm 50Pc 4mmC 20.5Ga.ID2.5mm 100Pc 5mmC 20.5Ga.ID3.5mm 10Pc 5mmC 20.5Ga.ID3.5mm 20Pc 5mmC 20.5Ga.ID3.5mm 50Pc 5mmC 20.5Ga.ID3.5mm 100Pc 6mmC 20.5Ga.ID4.5mm 10Pc 6mmC 20.5Ga.ID4.5mm 20Pc 6mmC 20.5Ga.ID4.5mm 50Pc 6mmC 20.5Ga.ID4.5mm 100Pc 7mmC 20.5Ga.ID5.5mm 10Pc 7mmC 20.5Ga.ID5.5mm 20Pc 7mmC 20.5Ga.ID5.5mm 50Pc 7mmC 20.5Ga.ID5.5mm 100Pc 8mmC 20.5Ga.ID6.5mm 10Pc 8mmC 20.5Ga.ID6.5mm 20Pc 8mmC 20.5Ga.ID6.5mm 50Pc 8mmC 20.5Ga.ID6.5mm 100Pc 9mmC 20.5Ga.ID7.5mm 10Pc 9mmC 20.5Ga.ID7.5mm 20Pc 9mmC 20.5Ga.ID7.5mm 50Pc 9mmC 20.5Ga.ID7.5mm 100Pc 4mmC 19.5Ga.ID2.2mm 10Pc 4mmC 19.5Ga.ID2.2mm 20Pc 4mmC 19.5Ga.ID2.2mm 50Pc 4mmC 19.5Ga.ID2.2mm 100Pc 5mmC 19.5Ga.ID3.2mm 10Pc 5mmC 19.5Ga.ID3.2mm 20Pc 5mmC 19.5Ga.ID3.2mm 50Pc 5mmC 19.5Ga.ID3.2mm 100Pc 6mmC 19.5Ga.ID4.2mm 10Pc 6mmC 19.5Ga.ID4.2mm 20Pc 6mmC 19.5Ga.ID4.2mm 50Pc 6mmC 19.5Ga.ID4.2mm 100Pc 7mmC 19.5Ga.ID5.2mm 10Pc 7mmC 19.5Ga.ID5.2mm 20Pc 7mmC 19.5Ga.ID5.2mm 50Pc 7mmC 19.5Ga.ID5.2mm 100Pc 5mmC 18Ga.ID3mm 10Pc 5mmC 18Ga.ID3mm 20Pc 5mmC 18Ga.ID3mm 50Pc 5mmC 18Ga.ID3mm 100Pc 6mmC 18Ga.ID4mm 10Pc 6mmC 18Ga.ID4mm 20Pc 6mmC 18Ga.ID4mm 50Pc 6mmC 18Ga.ID4mm 100Pc 7mmC 18Ga.ID5mm 10Pc 7mmC 18Ga.ID5mm 20Pc 7mmC 18Ga.ID5mm 50Pc 7mmC 18Ga.ID5mm 100Pc 8mmC 18Ga.ID6mm 10Pc 8mmC 18Ga.ID6mm 20Pc 8mmC 18Ga.ID6mm 50Pc 10mmC 18Ga ID8mm 10Pc 10mmC 18Ga ID8mm 20Pc 10mmC 18Ga ID8mm 50Pc 10mmC 18Ga ID8mm 100Pc 12mmC 18Ga ID10mm 10Pc 12mmC 18Ga ID10mm 20Pc 12mmC 18Ga ID10mm 50Pc 12mmC 18Ga ID10mm 100Pc 4mmCTW 20.5Ga.ID2.5mm 10Pc 4mmCTW 20.5Ga.ID2.5mm 20Pc 4mmCTW 20.5Ga.ID2.5mm 50Pc 4mmCTW 20.5Ga.ID2.5mm 100Pc 5mmCTW 20.5Ga.ID3.5mm 10Pc 5mmCTW 20.5Ga.ID3.5mm 20Pc 5mmCTW 20.5Ga.ID3.5mm 50Pc 5mmCTW 20.5Ga.ID3.5mm 100Pc 6mmCTW 20.5Ga.ID4.5mm 10Pc 6mmCTW 20.5Ga.ID4.5mm 20Pc 6mmCTW 20.5Ga.ID4.5mm 50Pc 6mmCTW 20.5Ga.ID4.5mm 100Pc 7mmCTW 20.5Ga.ID5.5mm 10Pc 7mmCTW 20.5Ga.ID5.5mm 20Pc 7mmCTW 20.5Ga.ID5.5mm 50Pc 7mmCTW 20.5Ga.ID5.5mm 100Pc 8mmCTW 20.5Ga.ID6.5mm 10Pc 8mmCTW 20.5Ga.ID6.5mm 20Pc 8mmCTW 20.5Ga.ID6.5mm 50Pc 8mmCTW 20.5Ga.ID6.5mm 100Pc 9mmCTW 20.5Ga.ID7.5mm 10Pc 9mmCTW 20.5Ga.ID7.5mm 20Pc 9mmCTW 20.5Ga.ID7.5mm 50Pc 9mmCTW 20.5Ga.ID7.5mm 100Pc 10mmCTW 20.5Ga.ID8.5mm 10Pc 10mmCTW 20.5Ga.ID8.5mm 20Pc 10mmCTW 20.5Ga.ID8.5mm 50Pc 10mmCTW 20.5Ga.ID8.5mm 100Pc
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Sterling Silver .925 3 mm to 12 mm Closed Jump Rings Round & Twisted in 22 Ga. + 20.5 Ga + 19.5 Ga + 18 Ga 
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